22 September 2011

Color Club Back to Boho, Part One

Color Club's 2011 fall collection "Back to Boho" was inspired by the modern glam bohemian, clothing and trends.  It contains 12 shades ranging from crèmes to duochrome foils.  I have split it into two post, I hope you enjoy part one! 


Color Club Nomadic Nude

My first impression of Nomadic Nude was – boring!  Haven’t we seen this shade from them before?  But after I got it on my nails, I was impressed.  The shade was very flattering and only took 2 coats to obtain a perfect finish.  Shown with 2 coats over a base, plus a layer of Seche Vite.


Color Club Earthy Angel

When I saw Earthy Angel in the bottle I thought this shade couldn’t possibly look good on me, in fact I thought it was a bit fugly.  After it was applied, it wasn’t as ugly as I thought!  Still not me, though!  Shown with 2 coats over a base, plus a layer of Seche Vite.

2011-09-18_20-35-28_793 (935x1280)

Color Club New Bohemian

I already discussed my failure to find a dupe of New Bohemian.  Of all the shades, this gave me the most trouble formula wise, but nothing that a few drops of thinner couldn’t fix.  Shown with 3 coats over a base, plus a layer of Seche Vite.


Color Club Shabby Drab

I knew Shabby Drab was something special the moment I saw it.  You may ask, doesn’t it look like Zoya Caitlin?  Stay tuned for a comparison post!  I will tell you that this is two thin coats plus a layer of Seche Vite.


Color Club Rad Nomad

Rad Nomad is a shade we will see a lot of this fall.  Not the most original color, but I think this collection would have been incomplete without it.  A dusty drab blue-based purple that never looks black – loves it!    This is shown with two easy coats, no base or top coat necessary to obtain smoothness and shine.  And the formula was perfect – no too thick, not too thin, and super easy to control.


Color Club Red-ical Gypsy

There is something classy about a perfect red.  Red-ical Gypsy is a blue-based red that deepens to the shade you see above on the second coat.  So shiny, but again, not that original.  The perfect formula definitely makes up for the lack of originality – no cleanup required!

If you purchase this collection as a set, you will receive all six shades plus “Stuck on You” basecoat.  I have not yet completed my review of the base coat – stay tuned!



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