20 September 2011

FingerPaints Fall Fashionista

This review is a long time coming – when I received the polishes from FingerPaints in the mail (yes, they were provided by the manufacturer) my nails were A MESS!  I had just moved.  Not only did we have to unload our furniture, we had to unload, reload, and unload again.  My nails were bent and peeling backwards.  No matter how hard I tried the pictures turned out horrible! 

I decided to put the polishes away into a drawer until my nails were in a better state.  When I was unpacking I came across a product I found in the clearance section of Sally Beauty – Starting Over After Artificials Nail Revitalizing Strengthener.  I had first heard about this product on a community nail board I was intrigued!  I found it in a sampler pack with three other Salon Sciences products.  Let me tell you, after using this product for approximately 45 days I am blown away!  I have used a lot of different strengtheners, but this is was worked for me!  I applied it as my base coat every one to two days. 

I have been using another base coat when swatching (applying and immediately removing after photographing the polish).  I used to swatch on bare nails, but the state of my nails has encouraged me to use a base!  Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat .5 oz. was recommended to me by another blogger, you can check out her post on it here!  I have really like using it, it dries fast and is very inexpensive!

Purple Pinstripe
Purple Pinstripe – muted purple crème
Gorgeous shine, gorgeous color! Two coats over Beauty Secrets base coat.

Raspberry Taffeta
 Raspberry Taffeta – berry crème
I don’t even like pink, but I want to wear this again!  One coat over Beauty Secrets base color.

Cordur-Orange – orange crème
This is a crazy, loud, in-your-face orange, perfect for fall!  Two coats, over Beauty Secrets base coat.

Vintage Velvet
Vintage Velvet – blue/green crème
I love this shade, but I find it hard to describe!  Like a bluer version of Hunter Green.
After much research, I came up with Gray Asparagus.

Military Green
 Military Green – gray/green crème
So Shiny!  This was one coat of Military Green over Beauty Secrets base coat, no top coat.
I love this color, it’s amazing it looks this great with just one coat of color!

2011-08-31_12-09-06_332 (960x1280)
To-Teally Chic – teal crème
Again with the shine!  This was one coat of To-Teally Chic over Beauty Secrets base coat, no top coat!

Stunning Stilettos 
Stunning Stilettos – gray crème
This was two coats, using Beauty Secrets base coat.  It was thick and I should have thinned it!
Haute Taupe
Haute Taupe - beige (brown) crème
This is two coats of Haute Taupe over Beauty Secrets base coat.
To me it is less Taupe and more of a warm milkshake brown.
Catwalk Queen
 Catwalk Queen – (mustard) yellow
Shown with two coats of Catwalk Queen over Beauty Secrets base coat and a layer of Seche Vite top coat.

Overall, the collection is very solid.  I appreciate the fact that they released an entire crème collection, I don’t think I would choose any other finish for fall. 

It’s amazing to me how many of them were two-coaters, and NONE were three-coaters!  A few of the colors are dupable, but at $4.99/bottle you will not find this quality anywhere else!

The FingerPaints Fall Fashionista collection is available now at Sally Beauty and SallyBeauty.com, and they retail for $4.99 each.
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