01 September 2011

How Many Teals is Too Many Teals?

I have a confession. I am a teal-aholic. I love teal. It looks good on everyone, IMO (In My Opinion).  Light skin, dark skin, olive toned skin, pink toned skin, etc!

When I first got into polish (like really into polish, I am not counting high school!) I purchased a few Illamasqua polishes from Sephora. They were my babies. One of them was Muse. I loved it so much, but at $14 a pop, I didn't want to use it too often!

So I bought more teals. And more teals. And more.

I realized I had a teal problem. I sat down to swatch them all. I think I had about 24?

Slowly, my teal polish numbers have been climbing. (Nail polish multiples like bunnies!)

Why am I telling you all of this? Because tomorrow, September 2 is Teal Toes day!

image courtesy tealtoes.org
From tealtoes.org:

Our mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.
How?  By painting your toenails teal, the ovarian cancer color.  By getting your friends to paint their toenails teal too, and then by talking with people when they ask about it, to make sure that they know the signs of this whispering killer.
Any time of year is good for teal toes, but we especially recommend September, the ovarian cancer awareness month!

Why Teal Toes?

  • Ribbons aren't enough
  • It's easy!
  • It makes your toes look pretty
  • Teal, the ovarian cancer awareness color, is striking enough to make people ask about it

Why toes and not fingers?

  • If you want to do your fingers, by all means, please do!
  • Some places of employment have rules for fingernail polish, but toes can be covered if necessary.
  • Toenail polish can last longer

Why September?

  • September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  • September, the end of summer in most parts of the USA, is the perfect time for one last pedicure

Why raise awareness?

  • Too many women with ovarian cancer do not get diagnosed until their cancer has spread. Their survival rate is 45%.
  • The survival rate improves greatly - to 93 percent - if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage before it has spread. Only 19 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at this local stage.
  • Approximately 75 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage after the cancer has spread beyond the ovary.
This information is from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

I wanted to show you all of the teals I found in my stash. Hopefully you may find one (or ten) in your stash too, and you can wear teal with me on September 2nd!

Dark Teals
Boots No 7 Totally Teal
RBL Teal
p2 dangerous
H&M Moody Model

Medium Teals
Cult Nails Let Me Fly
Illamasqua Muse
nails inc upper street

Greener Teals
Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away
CND Urban Oasis
OCC Echo

Teal Flakies!
Nfu-Oh 54

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