25 September 2011

Short 'n Sweet Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite Lipgloss?

I am starting a new fun series entitled "Short 'n Sweet Question of the Week"
My hope is for it to foster interaction between readers!
I encourage you to comment on each other's comments as well, you may be able to ask questions about products you have always wanted try =)

This is an easy one for me!
My favorite lipgloss is:

Tarte Vitamin-Infused Lipgloss
Apple-A-Day (above)
Nirvana (below)
My favorite shade hands down is Apple-A-Day.  It deepens my lip color and adds shimmer without being grainy or sticky!

I even prefer the small brush applicator, because it does not pick up too much product as the doe-foot applicators!

Here are both shades, swatched heavily.

So, back to the question:  What's Your Favorite Lipgloss???

There is no time limit to commenting on this post!  If you find this post on a later date, I would still love to hear your answer!

***Both of the Tarte product's featured in this post were prizes from a Giveaway hosted by BeautyInfoZone.  Prior to the giveaway I owned a deluxe sample of Apple-A-Day and used every last drop!  I was so happy when I won these prizes!!!***
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