21 October 2011

Another cosmetics company brings back nail polish: Stila

A long time ago in a decade called the 90's, a lot of really cool indie makeup companies sprouted up.  Stila, Hard Candy and Urban Decay were a few of those companies.  They were cool because they were owned independently and made things no one else was doing, like packaging their products in recycled cardboard.  Then, the big bad man (aka Estee Lauder) bought Stila and turned it into just another cosmetics brand.  All the cool things that made Stila different disappeared.
One of the products that disappeared was nail polish.  Occasionally you can find old Stila nail polish on eBay, but the nail polish from Stila was never as popular as that of Hard Candy.  Eventually the nail polish was phased out completely.  Until now.  Hoping to capitalize on the booming nail polish industry, Stila has brought back nail polish.  They currently have two sets available that retail at $24 each and contain 4 mini lacquers.  The size of each bottle is 0.25 fl. oz. each.  The bottle is reminiscent of Color Club/Funky Fingers minis. 

"The Delicate Collection"
"The Daring Collection"
images via www.stilacosmetics.com

What do you think, fellow lacquerheads?  Are you willing to shell out $24 for some glitter nail polish?

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