24 October 2011

Color Club Foiled

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Color Club Foil Me OnceColor Club Hot Like LavaColor Club Cold MetalColor Club Perfect Mol-TenColor Club AntiquatedColor Club Luminescent
Color Club recently released an all foil collection, aptly named "Foiled."  I was immediately drawn to the two blue shades, Cold Metal and Luminescent.  I apply Cold Metal as my mani and wore it for a few days as a wear test.  The shade performed brilliantly and did not stain (as some polishes of this shade of blue are prone to do).

Foil Me Once applied well, but it's not a "me" shade.  Hot Like Lava was a one coater!  Perfect Mol-ten was super shiny, I had a hard time capturing the color on camera because of how strongly the light reflected off my nails.  Antiquated was a shade I would normally be drawn to, but it was hard to apply without showing brush-strokes. Finally, Luminescent.  I thought it would be just another light blue foil but I was able to see green, pink, blue, gold, and silver mixed in with the foil.  Stunning!

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*polishes were provided by Color Club for review, but I didn't get to keep them*
Color Club nail colors are Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and paraben-free.  They are made in New York, NY with the best raw materials.  Color Club nail polishes are vegan and not tested on animals.