10 October 2011

HOLY MOLY Tony Moly!

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You may have already seen these Tony Moly polishes floating around the interwebz.  In fact they are driving people mad like a disease that, one by one, nail polish fanatics are falling prey to.  I think the first person to infect “my” interwebz was steffels.  I was completely blown away by her post but I kept my cool – until Kris started posting them.  That is when I caved and placed my eBay order for *just one bottle.*  (There are five altogether GT01 – Mercury, GT02 – Earth, GT03 – Mars, GT04 – Neptune and GT05 – Jupiter.)
While I was waiting for my precious to arrive, Trixie posted her swatches, as did Lauren.  I finally wore this about a month ago, but then I lost the pictures and couldn’t post them!  Argh!  I am so glad I finally found them!
BEHOLD, Tony Moly GT02 “Earth.”  It is SO MUCH PRETTIER in person than you can imagine, it really does look like a galaxy on your fingers!  I liked to bottle too, very similar in size to the newer round Ulta polishes.  I really liked the brush – it is very short and wide, which makes it very easy for me to control.
If you want to see even more bloggers infected by the Tony Moly bug, check out Jen and cilucia.  If you have been infected and need to order these for yourself, check out eBay by searching “Tony Moly Galaxy.”  Since this is a Korean polish brand expect your package to take at least two weeks to arrive.  It may feel like an eternity, but it’s worth it!
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