14 October 2011

My favorite mani: Nfu-Oh #51 over Ozotic Pro #504

This morning I could not bare to take off Ozotic Pro #504.  The formula was so smooth, is was the perfect base!  So I thought to my self, how do you make a wonderful mani more wonderful? 

What do you layer on top of the world’s prettiest duochrome? 

The world’s prettiest flakie, of course!

2011-10-14_12-16-53_187 (867x1280)2011-10-14_12-16-47_199 (1280x905)2011-10-14_12-19-10_174 (1178x819)

2011-10-14_13-18-17_812I wish you could see this in person, it really is the prettiest mani I have done to date!


polish insomniac

*tip* When layering Nfu-Oh flakies over an existing mani, be sure not to use Seche Vite as your top coat, in order to avoid ugly shrinkage.  I used CND Air Dry myself. Smile