13 October 2011

Peek in side my make up stash: Too Faced!

2011-10-12_14-14-49_413 (1067x1280)2011-10-12_14-18-01_28 (1280x491)2011-10-12_14-18-10_889 (1280x870)2011-10-12_14-18-17_581 (1280x825)2011-10-12_14-18-24_592 (1280x845)2011-10-12_14-20-00_160 (1280x1279)

2011-10-12_14-16-13_46 (1280x790)2011-10-12_14-16-13_46 (1280x790)

I am very excited about the upcoming holiday collection from Too Faced, and it made me want to show you what I owned already!  I was thinking of swatching all of the permanent items, is that something you would be interested in?


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