12 October 2011

PSA! Too Faced to come out with Nail Polish???

Image Credit:  Sephora.com

I have waxed poetically about how much I love Too Faced in the past, so I was so excited to watch a Livestream on Too Faced's Facebook page featuring Jerrod Blandino, the founder of Too Faced!  It was an interactive broadcast in which he talked about the upcoming holiday collection called In Your Dreams!  You can see the products here on their website, AND don't forget to check out the Sephora Exclusive palette (pictured above) here!

Back to what I was saying:  JERROD IS BRINGING BACK NAIL POLISH!  When the brand first launched  nail polish part of the line... It fell by the wayside but they are trying to bring it back!  Woo Hoo!

Go check out the Too Faced Facebook Page and watch the newest video they uploaded!  It's all about the brand's message - make yourself be the best you can be!   Don't forget to tell them how excited you are about the nail polish coming back!  And stay tuned for more Too Faced posts!

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