16 October 2011

Quick Comparison: Bloom Bianca v. Rimmel Mania

One of my readers, Lindsey R, commented on my Bloom Stash Shots post that Bloom Bianca looked like it could be a dupe for Rimmel Mania.  If you are not familiar with Rimmel Mania, it is a long discontinued but much loved polish.  I was lucky enough to be gifted it from a fellow blogger!  The two are very close, but have two distinct differences, which I will show you below.

2011-10-16_15-48-54_728 (1280x904)

At first glance, they are very similar.  But look closely at the picture above, and you can see in the shimmer is much more obvious.

2011-10-16_15-48-40_860 (1280x905)

From this angle, the polishes look identical.

2011-10-16_15-49-21_102 (1280x904)

However, at this angle, you can see that the Bloom leans teal, and the Rimmel leans blue.


The difference in color is also visible when swatched on notebook paper.

2011-10-16_15-48-34_93 (1280x668)

The last pic, though blurry, shows the awesomeness of these polishes!

Not dupes, but both gorgeous!


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