13 October 2011

Revisited: Ozotic Pro 504, Queen of all Duochromes

It’s blue.  It’s indigo.  It’s purple.  It’s violet.  It’s red.  It’s rust.  It’s gold.   It’s discontinued!

It’s Ozotic Pro 504.

2011-10-13_13-08-14_296 (1280x1280)

2011-10-13_13-41-44_208 (1280x905)2011-10-13_13-42-35_762 (1280x902)2011-10-13_13-41-51_246 (1280x905)2011-10-13_13-42-00_751 (905x1280)2011-10-13_13-05-06_459 (905x1280)2011-10-13_13-05-11_360 (1280x906)2011-10-13_13-05-17_524 (904x1280)2011-10-13_13-05-22_838 (904x1280)2011-10-13_13-05-34_920 (1280x903)2011-10-13_13-05-43_712 (906x1280)2011-10-13_13-05-53_285 (888x1280)2011-10-13_13-06-16_391 (1280x905)2011-10-13_13-06-22_888 (904x1280)2011-10-13_13-07-37_941 (906x1280)2011-10-13_13-06-52_878 (1280x905)2011-10-13_13-41-36_950 (904x1280)

2011-10-13_13-05-53_285 (888x1280)

Ozotic Pro is an Australian brand that, until recently, was practically impossible to get your hands on unless you were actually from Australia.  I am happy to say we have a few resellers in the US to purchase from!  Kim from Overall Beauty, mentioned on her Twitter last night she might carry them to!  How awesome would that be!  She already carries Glitter Gal (another awesome Australian brand), Cult Nails and BB Couture!

If you want to see my original post (and more pictures of this polish) check it out here.  But be kind!  My photography skills have improved since then!  I also have swatches of Ozotic Pro 621 here.


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