04 October 2011

Short and Sweet Question of the Week: What do you use to clean your brushes?

Welcome back to my new series, "Short 'n Sweet Question of the Week."

My hope is for it to foster interaction between readers!  Share your tips, and answer each other’s questions in the comments!

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I use two different products.  Once a month I deep clean with BECCA Professional Brush soap, with I purchased from Apothica.  It’s amazing AND easy to use, a favorite among many beauty bloggers.  It’s my first BECCA product and I am in love!  What really amazed me is what happened when I cleaned my 3 year old stippling brush from Sephora.  The white parts turned black!  That had never happened to me in the past with my Bare Essentials brush cleaner, leaving me to believe this really does the job!!!

The other product I use on a daily/weekly basis is Sephora brand Daily Brush Cleaner.  It dries fast and smells great!

So I turn the question to you!

What do you use to clean your brushes? 

Do you use soap, shampoo, or brush cleaner?



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