28 November 2011

I can’t stop hoarding… Makeup Bags

In the past few months, I seem to be obtaining quite a few makeup bags.  I am too ashamed to show you the rest of them – there are too many (and some are dirty!).  These are my latest three acquisitions.

1.  Missoni for Target – I just got this last week, I found it in the clearance section!  Must have been a return.  I paid $12.49 for it and I love love love it!

2011-11-28_12-16-25_543 (800x566)2011-11-28_12-16-44_436 (800x800)2011-11-28_12-16-50_409 (800x800)

2.  Calypso for Target – this collection came out in the late Spring.  I kept my eye on this every single Target visit, until it went down to around $6.  Score!

2011-11-28_12-18-19_527 (800x566)

3.  This last bag was sent to me for review by Bob at Simply-Bags.  It’s called the Spa Bag for a reason – you can fit everything for a spa day, vacation or trips to the gym. 

I can fit SO MUCH STUFF in this bag!  Usually when I pack, my makeup goes in a few bags, but my brushes and hairdryer are left to roll around in my suitcase.  This bag holds a full size hair dryer, a full size round brush, full size shampoo and conditioner, and still room for MORE STUFF!  I love that it’s made of terry cloth, if my shampoo or conditioner leaks I can just throw it in the washing machine! 

2011-11-28_12-19-31_201 (800x565)

How many makeup bags do you have?


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