02 November 2011

My new favorite Eye (and cuticle) Cream

I have a hard time with eye creams in general.  To give you a background I suffer from dark circles cause by allergies and lack of sleep, combined with tissue-thin skin that looks like wrinkles when it is dehydrated, which is all the time.  My foundation and concealer sink into those fine lines.  Because of that, I try not to wear concealer, but then my dark circles are visible for the whole world to see.  I have found a happy medium with a fuller coverage foundation (currently Skin79 Super BB).

When I try to find more moisturizing eye creams, I end up with milia.  Nothing is more fun that have little bumps under your eyes that look like pimples.  For awhile I was using pure argan oil, which was great but did little for the dark circles.

Then this miracle of an eye cream was sent to me by Darrell and Kimberly of ybf (which stands for Your Best Face).  They actually sent me four products, but today I am going to focus on my favorite, the one I don’t think I could live without.


Correct_large728x520ybf correct beforeybf correct after 

Simply put, ybf correct is a miracle in a bottle.  When I first received the product, I was a little blown away by the price, which is $150 for .5 ounces.  But then I started using it.  And not only did I use it on my eye area, I used it on my poor, neglected cuticles.  Remember how I could not bare to take pictures of my nails after I moved into my new apartment?  This eye cream is what made it possible again.  It super-moisturized my cuticles, and according my sexy scientist friend LoodieLoodieLoodie, moisture is the number one key to growing healthy nails.

How does it work?

Here are the details strait from the ybf website:

Targets Lines & Puffiness
We were serious about fighting eye area wrinkles when we created Correct. A concentrated cocktail of the latest age-fighting peptides are here to serve and help to smooth the skin, plump up existing wrinkles and curtail new ones from appearing. Now with the addition of the award-winning puffy-eye-fighting-peptide Eyeseryl, Correct takes a leap forward in its ability to help you look your best.

Reduces Dark Circles
A trio of brighteners including alpha arbutin, Haloxyl and licorice root extract target dark circles and signs of fatigue from every angle. Delicate eye area tissue is strengthened, dark iron deposits are flushed from the skin and excess pigmentation is put on notice resulting for cumulative improvements to eye area brightness that makes you look more rested and alert.

What does it mean?

It means the ingredients are actually worth the price.  And don’t just take my opinion on it.  One of my favorite skincare websites, futurederm, gave ybf correct a 10/10

Will I buy it?

Based on the results, yes!  And it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is fabulous – I love the fact that you can actually SEE how much is left in the container.  I have been using this product since the middle of August, and I think I have at least one more month of product left.  Now I just need to find that $150!

I also like that there are real people behind the product, who are available to answer any questions you may have about which products are right for you.  YBF_Founders_V2lgHere are some of the ways you can contact Darrell and Kimberly:

PRIMARY WEB SITE:  www.ybf-Skincare.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/YBFSkincare

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/YBFSkincare

FORMSPRING: formspring.com/YBFSkincare