01 December 2011

Cult Nails SPAM

Please forgive the pause in my Cult Nails Super Powers week.  I have been wearing each polish as a full mani (rather than just swatching) and I ran out of time.  Instead please enjoy this montage of Cult Nails polishes thus far.

~Click on any of the images to enlarge.~

2011-01-17_09-02-05_932 (1600x1599)Cult Nails Quench 22011-02-19_07-55-51_712011-02-23_12-54-57_627 (1280x1280)2011-05-19_17-15-48_722 (1280x1280)2011-05-19_18-17-29_610Cult Nails Captivating (4) (1280x1280)Cult Nails Devious Nature 42011-09-12_18-38-18_950 (1280x905)2011-09-12_18-52-29_180 (1280x1280)Cult Nails Power ThiefCult Nails Mind Control 2

Which is your favorite?


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