19 December 2011

Guest Post: How to repair your skin around your nails with these easy tips

Repair your skin around your nails with these easy tips
Extreme dry weather and biting nails are two very common things which tend to make one’s skin around their nails look as well as feel unpleasant. People often have the tendency of biting their nails especially when they are upset or nervous. At times they also unconsciously bite the skin that surrounds their nails. All those who are suffering from this problem can have amazing fingers as well as fingernails overnight by following these simple steps. These will help one to have healthy and happy nails.
Getting started
Firstly take a bowl filled with water approximately 4 inches deep. Dip your hands in it for about 5 minutes. This will help to soften the skin.
Steps to follow
1. Take out your hands from the water and pat dry with a towel. With the help of manicure scissors, cut extra skin around your nails. Always remember that the extra skin is white in color compared to the skin of your other fingers. For soothing sensation, use warm water and always make sure that the scissors work properly and are clean.
2. Wait till your skin is dry completely and the skin near your fingers is no longer moist. Next generously apply moisturizer to your hands. Apply a moisturizing cream from a reputed brand such as Blistex Lip Medex, Vaseline, Avon Hand Cream, Bees Cuticle Cream from Burt’s or any other good moisturizer which will deeply moisturize. Always apply some cream on the cuticles and under your nails. Make it a point to always use an alcohol and fragrance free cream as fragrance contains alcohol which usually dehydrates.
3. After applying cream, wear gloves on both hands and keep them on till next morning. You will be surprised as well as happy the next morning to notice great looking hands as well as no dry skin near your nails. For better, permanent results, apply moisturizer on your hands during the day. Repeat this procedure every night.
4. Keep healthy cuticle intact as it prevents your nail from any form of infection.
5. Carefully file your nails via a nail file paying special attention towards the corners, smoothing them so that they do not injure skin around the nails.
6. Apply olive oil or special cuticle oil especially on dry skin surrounding your nails.
Fun Fact
Earlier when moisturizer was a commodity, one used the white of an egg mixed with few drops lime as a moisturizing cream. Some people even today use egg white as it an apt ingredient for reducing dead skin and cellulite.
You should try to make your nails appear pretty as this will not only boost your self confidence but at the same time will prevent you from biting them. This beauty remedy also works wonders on your toenails but in this case you are required to rub more moisturizer and wear cotton socks. To protect your skin in the future, follow this procedure despite your cuticle being fine. To prevent biting your nails, soak it every morning in lemon juice. This will automatically make you hate the taste.
Ungroomed and unhealthy cuticle not only looks ragged but also causes discomfort. This can be avoided by paying attention towards regular maintenance. Spend a few minutes every day for grooming your hands and see the results.

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