23 December 2011

Product Review: Dermelect Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment

I was recently sent the Dermelect Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment.  It is the second step in the Skin Regenerating System, the first step being the Dermelect Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum which I previously reviewed here on polish insomniac.




What They Say:

A skin-perfecting cream infused to help activate the skin’s protein production and boost facial skin stem cell activity.

  • Increases the skin cell vitality, elasticity and softness
  • Boosts epidermal regeneration
  • Reverses damage by free radical agents
  • Leaves the skin looking rested and supple

Extracted from the stem cells of the Alpine Rose, Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment is an indulgently rich cream that provides a luxurious barrier to the damaging factors (environmental free radicals and natural aging) that work to break down your skins stem cell production.  The key function for skin tissue stem cells is to continuously regenerate brand new skin and be the basis for healing damaged skin. Formulated with Alpine Rose technology, this cream provides the potential to reverse skin damage through the stimulation of new skin from the stem cell reservoirs.  By allowing the stem cells to increase their potency and promote cell regeneration, tissue is reconstructed to a denser quality and more elastic skin.

Also formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help exfoliate and moisturize the top layers of the skin and the anti-inflammatory Mushroom Extract to help control and reduce skin irritation.

What I Say:

I have been using this treatment for approximately four weeks, twice a day.  In the morning I apply it directly over my Dermelect Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum; and in the evening I apply it over my Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Even though we are amidst the stressful holiday season, after just four weeks I can definitely see a difference!  My skin has never felt softer, and it has been tolerating the strange winter we are having in Iowa with ease.  I LOVE the fact that the product contains an AHA, as my skin greatly benefits from gentle exfoliation.  Just remember to wear a good sunscreen!

Individually the cost of the system is $208.00, but you can get the entire set for $159.00 in holiday gift set featured below: