13 January 2012

FLAKIE FEVER: Specialita Hits Samba (over Cremoso)

Specialita Hits Samba (over Cremoso) 2Specialita Hits Samba (over Cremoso) 3Specialita Hits Samba (over Cremoso)
Today is the first day of FLAKIE FEVER on polish insomniac!  Unless you are living under a rock, you know that “flakie” topcoats have taken the world by storm.  The first polish combo I am showing you is from Specialita Hits, a Brazilian brand.  I received this polish in a swap with Sarah of Them Pretty Colors.  I actually did this swap with her over a year ago, but they were not available  in the US until recently.
The base color is Cremoso, a gorgeous hunter green with gold shimmer.  I topped it off with Samba, a green flakie in a translucent green base.  I just love how all of the Hits flakies are named after dance styles!
Specialita Hits Cremoso 6Specialita Hits Samba & CremosoSpecialita Hits CremosoSpecialita Hits Cremoso 4
You can purchase Hits polish from http://shop.llarowe.com/ and if you want to check out more swatches of the Hits brand, check out The PolishAholic!
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