24 January 2012

So that's why they make Konad Special Stamping Polish...

I haven't done any stamping in a long, long time.  See, when I moved to Iowa, I lost my double ended KONAD brand double stamper.  I have a few other "off brand" stampers but they just don't work as well.  I FINALLY placed an order for one at OC Nail Art, and I thought I would show you what I got!

Two-sided Stamper
White Special Nail Polish
M84 Image Plate
M85 Image Plate

I never bought Konad Special Polish polish before, but I used it yesterday over Essie Absolutely Shore and I loved it!  SOOOOOOOO easy to use.  If you are a stamping newbie, I highly recommend picking up some of this polish!

I bought a gift card for OC Nail Art for 25% off!  I basically got everything you see on this page (except the Essie) for less than $19!

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