03 January 2012

There’s a New Bootie on the Block - Bootie Babe Cosmetics!

Bootie BabeBootie Babe 2
If you are offended by the name of this polish, simply move on!  Bootie Babe Fashion Cosmetics is a tongue-in-cheek look at the cosmetics industry.  Here is the story behind the brand, directly from their website:
Bootie Babe® is a new beauty and fashion brand developed by SuperBooty LLC.  In Oct of 2011 the company is proudly launching its first collection, a line of nail polish featuring cute and collectible bootie shaped bottles.
SuperBooty President and CEO Mark O’Hara wanted to create a humorous, bold and truly unique beauty product that would literally “stand out” from the competition.  O'Hara's creative and business interests go beyond nail polish.  He states "My goal is to develop the Bootie Babe brand and manufacture a variety  of products including cosmetics, apparel, accessories, gifts and jewelry.
After a year of research and development, SuperBooty LLC is honored to
announce the release of the "Cutie Bootie Collection", available in twelve shades of color including Hella Baloo™, Purp Slurp™, Mean Tangerine™, Lilac Lunatic™ and Slinky Pinky™.
Let’s talk about the bottle shape.  It is rather small, and I had a hard time opening the bottle after I had just lotioned my hands – that is why you see the rubber band around the lid of the yellow bottle above!  The bottle was also hard to hold to take pictures with.  However, despite the very short brush I didn’t have any trouble applying the polish to my nails.

Bootie Babe Lime So Fine
Bootie Babe Lime So Fine
I was allowed by Mark to choose a shade of Bootie Babe of my very own.  I allowed my husband to choose the shade, and he chose Lime So Fine.   When my first bottle arrived damaged, I contact Mark who quickly apologized.  He not only replaced my bottle of Lime So Fine, but sent an additional bottle of Electric Lemon as well!

Bootie Babe Lime So Fine (2)
Bootie Babe Lime So Fine
On the formula.  I am sure most of you know that neon pigment, whether it be in nail polish or eye shadow, is notoriously hard to deal with.  I had none of the problems I expected with this polish!  The first coat dried streaky, but by the third coat it was smooth and even.  I chose not to apply a white base first, and Lime So Fine looked awesome without it.  The next time I wear Electric Lemon I will likely apply a white base to make the color pop.

Bootie Babe Electric Lemon
Bootie Babe Electric Lemon

Overall, I can say that this is a truly fun take on nail polish.  Not having much of a bootie myself, I am kinda jealous of the bottles!  I also think they would make a great gift for the nail polish lover that has everything.  Best part?  The bottles are only $4 each on www.bootiebabe.com.  I have my eye on Blue Baboo, Lilac Lunatic and Dreamie Greenie next!

What do you think?  Can you appreciate the humor?

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*Polishes in this post were provided by SuperBooty LLC.*

SuperBooty LLC understands the need to market cosmetics that are safe,
free of toxic ingredients eind developed using cruelty-free testing procedures. 

Bootie Babe lacquer formulations are developed specifically to be “California Safe”,
and do not include chemicals such as formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl-pthalate.