12 January 2012

Too pastel??? China Glaze Sweet Hook

China Glaze Sweet Hook
Pin ItDo you ever buy a polish, then get home and think, why the heck did I just buy this? I do it all the time. I am especially susceptible when its a spring China Glaze collection. I buy all these soft pastels that I would never wear, because standing next to the other colors in the collection, they look awesome. But then I get home and apply them and think, "Wow, that's a wimpy shade!"   It's what happened a last year with the China Glaze Up & Away polished.  I bought them because they all looked so pretty together, but swapped all the pastels away.  AND that's what happened with Sweet Hook from this year's Electropop collection. Even DH was like, "I don't like that on you."

It's not that this is a bad color.  It may look great on you!  But on my I like my purples a little darker and a little dustier.  Sweet Hook has way too much pink in it for me.  Oh well, one for the swap board, I guess!

p.s.  Oh, and if you do decide to buy this?  It was a PITA to apply.  Make sure you have a leveling top coat handy, like Seche Vite!
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