27 February 2012


Max Factor Fantasy Fire (over Barry M Indigo) 3Max Factor Fantasy Fire (over Barry M Indigo) 8

I feel like I haven’t done this polish justice, but I am going to share this post with you anyways!  Max Factor Fantasy Fire is taking the world by storm.  It’s only available where Max Factor is sold, namely the UK.  The prices for this polish on eBay are RIDICULOUS, it is going for almost as much Clarins 230 “aka Unicorn Pee.”  Sadly, I do not own Unicorn Pee, though you can see swatches of it here and here

Back to Fantasy Fire.  In the UK it is going for £3.99, which, depending on the exchange rate, it about $6.25!  So please, don’t encourage the evil sellers on eBay, do what I did and find a UK swap buddy!

I’ll shut up now.  Please enjoy these pictures of Fantasy Fire over Barry M Indigo!

  Max Factor Fantasy Fire (over Barry M Indigo) 5Max Factor Fantasy Fire (over Barry M Indigo)
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