17 February 2012

Maybelline Cool Couture

I try to stay away from new Maybelline polishes.  Why?  Because I am never happy with the quality of the formula and I hate the brush.  The brushes are either too stiff or they have wonky strands sticking out of them.  Also, it seems they don't add balls to the bottles anymore, which probably contribues to the fact that the formula is goopy and streaky at the same time.  Give me an old Maybelline anyday!

Maybelline Cool Couture

I caved though, when I randomly found Cool Couture on a display at Kmart just last week.  Cool Couture is a limited edition polish that came out a few months ago and the color IS stunning... grey based with shimmer that morphs from teal to purple.  Unfortunately the formula is horrible and the brush is just as bad as I remember!

Did any of you experience the same problems that I did?
Do you think I have finally learned my lesson?
Will Maybelline ever get their act together and ADD SOME BALLS?

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