14 February 2012

Nail Mail - Essence Vampire’s Love Edition

Remember how I told you I recently received a swap package from Biba?  Well she didn’t just send me one, she sent two!  This was actually the first package, actually!  She included the Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm in Strawberry Cream Cupcake, a blush gelee from the Vampire’s Love Trend Edition, and all five of the polishes!

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For those of you not familiar with the term, "Trend Edition” is how Essence refers to their limited edition collections.  In Europe they release a ton of these (almost as many as MAC - OK not that many) and a few made it to our shores last year.

As of right now I am not sure if the Vampire’s Love Trend Edition is slated to come to the US.  In fact, although my ULTA recently revamped their entire section of Essence core products (with lots of new products!) I haven’t seen any new Trend Editions.  UPDATE:  I spoke to Essence PR here in the US and we are not getting Vampire's Love.  Boo!

Back to Vampire’s Love!  From the Essence website:

vampire diaries, twilight & co… vampire fever is in the air once again this winter. mythical nights, endless love, eerie and beautiful film scenes – it’s so easy to get infected! the new essence trend edition "vampire’s love"ensures a perfect vampire look. blood red lips and pale, shimmering skin with a stylish twist – so mysterious and seductive… with the new products from the essence trend edition "vampire’s love", every girl can be a vampire queen in November 2011.

I am just going to come out and say this.  This is the best trend edition Essence has done since Secrets of the Past, and I should know as I have a shamefully large stash of Essence polishes.  These polishes are OUTSTANDING!  Utterly outstanding.  The formula is awesome, the colors are awesome, the texture of the polishes is awesome… can you see where I am going here?  And I have only worn two!  I am just going to shut up now and show you the pictures.

As always, you can click to enlarge.

Essence The Dawn is Broken 3 (1280x905)The Dawn is Broken is a grey shimmer with navy blue micro glitter.

Essence Into the Dark 3 (1280x904)Into the Dark is a deep blue shimmer with silver micro glitter.

Essence The Dawn is Broken (1202x1280)Essence Into the Dark (1280x1279)Essence The Dawn is Broken 9 (1280x1280)Essence Into the Dark 5 (1280x1280)
I hope these come the the US.  I wish these were coming to the US.  I know the vampire craze is getting old, but these polishes are worth it!
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