07 February 2012

Playing with magnets: Nails Inc.

The Nails Inc. Magnetic Polishes are not my first magnetic polishes.  I am actually lucky enough to own a L’Oreal Star Magnet that I got in a swap with my friend IceRozie.  It was really cool but really hard to use!  So when I got my new magnetic polishes, I kind of put off using them (IceRozie even sent me the Essence magnetics, but I haven’t used them either).

Why is it so hard?  You have to be able to hold your hand still.  With the L’Oreal Star Magnet it was extremely hard and I kept letting the magnet touch the wet polish.  The Nails Inc. magnet is much better, as it is built into the lid of the polish itself.  Either way, I have always shook.  My hands have never been very steady.  So please, be kind to me regarding my first attempts!

nails inc trafalgar square 2 (1024x764)

My first attempt came out rather good, if I do say so myself!  nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Trafalgar Square is the standard silver color.  This is actually the polish that houses the magnet, if you purchase the Trio from Sephora (which is no longer available).  Buying the polishes as a set was a lot less expensive than buying them individually, so I am guessing those magnets aren’t cheap!  I don’t really understand why Sephora completely removed the set from their website, but I also had a hard time finding it on the nails inc. website as well, so it must have been limited edition.  (Which is weird since you can still buy all the colors individually!)

nails inc whitehall nails inc houses of parliment
I just noticed that the design turned out poorly on my index finger every time, probably because my hand was getting tired!  I really like Whitehall (the teal) and Houses of Parliament (the purple) although you can tell by the last color I just couldn’t hold the magnet anymore.  But don’t let that deter you, as these are still a drastic improvement over the L’Oreal Star Magnet.  And if I can make these look semi-good (shaky hands and all) then you can too!
Here are the instructions, BTW, strait from the Sephora website (which I probably should have read first):

How to get the magnetic effect:
-Remove any oil from your nails by cleaning your nails with nail polish remover.
-Take off the over-cap that contains the magnet and set aside.
-There is an inner cap that you can use to apply the magnetic polish.
-Apply one coat of your selected nails Inc. base coat.
-Then, apply one coat of your chosen magnetic polish on all 10 nails and let dry for a few minutes.
-To create the "magnetic effect," apply a generous coat of magnetic polish to one nail, and immediately hold the cap that contains the magnet over the nail. (Do this quickly while the polish is still wet. There is a small lip on the cap which should be placed just below your cuticle allowing the magnet to be positioned perfectly over your nail.)
-Hold very close to the nail for 10-15 seconds, taking care not to touch the nail with the magnet.
-Repeat on all 10 nails and apply a top coat to seal the design.

Notice how the instructions contradict themselves?  First it says let the polish dry, and then it says to hold the magnet over wet polish.  Hmm…

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention, I did one coat, allowed it to dry, and then went back with a second coat, one finger at a time.  Immediately after the second coat I applied the magnet.  =)

2012-02-01_16-05-36_832 (1024x724)

In the last picture I was playing around with the Star Magnet (on all but the ring finger) but as you can probably tell it still didn’t turn out well!

There are a lot of other brands that are releasing magnetic polishes right now.  Are you going to join me and jump on the magnetic bandwagon?
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*these polishes were purchased by moi