16 March 2012

2 Greens from Catrice for St Patrick's Day

So, I am showing you two German polishes for St Patrick's Day that I got in a swap from my friend Lisa.  I suppose I should have tried to find Irish polish?  LOL.  I have always wondered if St. Patrick's Day is as hyped up in other countries as it is in the US.  It never really was important to me until I got married, my husband thinks its as exciting as Halloween.  He has been talking about going out for St. Patrick's day for two months!  I will almost be glad when its over... But I start my new job at 7:00 AM on the day after St. Patrick's Day... so I will be dragging!

Catrice After Eight

Catrice King of Greens

Is St. Patrick's Day a big deal in your house?

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