06 March 2012


I was recently sent a new  treatment to try, one with a very interesting ingredient - hemp!   Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap is fortified with nylon fibers that form a matrix upon application to reinforce weak, and/or splitting nails. It is also enriched with hemp seed oil extract, which settles in the vacant areas of matrix formation to aid in restructuring distressed nail cells and maintaining healthy nails.

I was instantly interested in trying this product, because I am familiar with the moisturizing properties of hemp.  Back when I still used tanning beds (I have since swore them off!) I always used an after tanning moisture product with hemp in it, and was happy with the results. 

Onto the review!
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What They Say:

Did you know Cannabis Sativa is one of the healthiest and most abundant herbal treatments for nails?  In order to maintain strong, healthy finger and toe nails, Faina Ritz, founder of Duri Cosmetics, suggests using products containing the most non-toxic and healthiest ingredients available.  The Hemp Seed Oil in Duri's Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap is a natural ingredient of the highest quality that is beneficial to nails.
"Many products guarantee results. However, many of those 'miracle workers' contain unnatural and unhealthy ingredients that are actually harmful to nails, says Ritz. "With a daily stroke of our Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap, nails are infused with nurturing essential fatty acids - Omega 3, Omega 6 and Linolenic acid (GLA)". 

What I Say:

This stuff is very cool when it goes on!  After it’s dried, if you look closely, you can actually see the little fibers criss-cross your nails… almost like fiberglass.  Very cool!   When I was testing this, I was suffering from a lot of peeling after a bad experience with some nail appliques.  (I peeled them off, and ended up peeling strips of my nails off too!)  The damage was growing out, but my nails keep breaking because they were so structurally weak.  The Hemp Seed Wrap helped a lot!
I do want to point out, this is not a basecoat, it is a treatment.  I am lazy and I tried to use it as a basecoat, but got lots of chipping.
Overall, I think this is a very affordable strengthening treatment - it’s only $8.00!  My other favorite strengthening treatment is $18!
All Duri Cosmetics nail products are completely safe, environmentally friendly and free from DBP, TOLUENE and FORMALDEHYDE.  Products are available online at www.duri.com, as well as salons and specialty stores nationwide.

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