08 March 2012

Duri Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Duri Cosmetics has come up with a fun marketing campaign for there Spring/Summer 2012 collection - they picked out shades for the characters of the Hunger Games to wear!  How smart is that?  Check out their ideas below, and let me know in the comments if you think they made the right decisions!
Hungry for some new spring nail polish combos? Let the games begin!
The Hunger Games premieres on March 23rd... just in time to show the people of the "Capitol" spring’s winning mani/pedi combinations.  Faina Ritz, creator of Duri Cosmetics, offers somesuggestions from Duri’s "Keep Your Options Open" Collection to sate your beauty hunger.  These killer mani/pedi matches will keep you on your fingers and toes in and out of the arena!
Pair The Big Score (a lunar glitter) on tips with Keep Your Options Open (a royal dark purple) on toes for a contrasting combo like characters Effie and Haymitch, but the team is a winner.
Our heroine Katniss knew to Trust Your Instincts (a cool hint of lavender), but fellow tribute Peeta knew how to Set theMood (a neutral sheer blush) for creating a match you'll fall in love with.
Tributes could only dream up this combo... Lazy Days (a thoroughly modern matte mauve) on fingers and Stay in Splendor (a soft tangerine) on toes or vice versa.
Only winners would put Necessary Luxury (a steely mauve) on hands and Celebrate the Sunset (a confident perky pink) on toes, but the Capitol might be rethinking How to Pick Winner (a mariner’s greyish blue).

Duri polishes are available on http://www.duri.com.

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