12 March 2012

FingerPaints Gumdrops and Lollipops - Swatches and Review

FingerPaints Grape Gumball FingerPaints Grape Gumball FingerPaints Pop Rock Pink FingerPaints Pop Rock Pink FingerPaints Blue Raspberry Taffy FingerPaints Blue Raspberry Taffy FingerPaints Circus PeanutsFingerPaints Circus PeanutsFingerPaints Lemon SourFingerPaints Choco Mint
Pin ItI was really super excited when this collection came out.  The past collections I have reviewed from FingerPaints had some awesome crèmes… but this collection the crèmes were a bit of a challenge!

Let’s get the ones I didn’t like out of the way first.  Lemon Sour, Choco Mint, and Circus Peanuts had challenging formulas (which honestly isn’t surprising when it comes to pastels).  I really wanted to love Choco Mint, the color is just gorgeous!  I also ended up liking Circus Peanuts more than I thought; of the three it had the best formula and I loved the color (which I did not expect).

The ones I really liked were Grape Gumball, Pop Rock Pink, and Blue Raspberry Taffy.   Grape Gumball is a blurple version of the slate blues from the OPI Holland collectionBlue Raspberry Taffy is the perfect crème formula that I expect from FingerPaints.  I knew from the onset that I would love Grape Gumball and Blue Raspberry Taffy, but Pop Rock Pink was a sleeper hit for me!   The formula was awesome - a very squishy, cloudy, jelly-like formula with shimmer particles!  I love love love the shimmer in this polish!

FingerPaints, if you are reading this, please make more polishes like Pop Rock Pink!  This collection is available now at Sally Beauty and www.sallybeauty.com.

Polishes provided for review.