23 March 2012

How To: Syrup Nails

2012-03-12_19-22-50_676 (1024x724)

Pin ItSyrup manicures are a form of gradient using a single jelly polish for the entire gradient.  A lot of people think they are difficult and that you have to be very skilled in order to do one.  I am here to show you that they are SUPER EASY!
You can use any jelly polish that you have, the sheerer the better.  Here I am using NXY Girls Frizzy Spot.

2012-03-12_19-04-58_91 (1024x1024)
STEP ONE:  After applying a base coat, using a jelly polish of your choosing, apply it to the bottom quarter of your nails.  This does not have to be neat!  Variation is key!

2012-03-12_19-09-36_380 (1024x1023)
STEP TWO:  After waiting two minutes, apply your polish to the bottom half of your nails.

2012-03-12_19-13-59_129 (1024x724)
STEP THREE:  After waiting two minutes, apply your polish to the top 3/4 of your nails.

2012-03-12_19-17-29_200 (1024x1024)
STEP FOUR:  Apply your polish to your entire nail, top to bottom.

2012-03-12_19-22-47_85 (724x1024)
STEP FIVE:  Apply a generous layer of topcoat to unify the nails.  Here I used Seche Vite.  If this had been a jelly polish without any glitter in it, I may top it off with a sheer glitter, as I did below:

You can see more pictures of the gradient I did using Nars Midnight Express here.

STEP SIX:  You’re done!  Give your nails some time to dry, and then show them off to all your friends! 
I hope you found this helpful!

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