19 March 2012

Pretty Kitty - Peripera Perfumed Luxury Polish in P018 Crystal Blue

Peripera Perfumed Luxury Polish in P018 Crystal Blue
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I mentioned on Facebook last week that I got a new full time job - so I hope you will bare with me this week as I get used to my new schedule!

Peripera is a brand of nail polish from Korea with the most interesting polish bottles I have ever seen - they are shaped like cats!  I fell in love with these polishes last May when Gabby from The Edge of Sanity posted about them.  However, Iwas too intimiated by the G-Market website to purchase any.  Soon after that, Kaz from Pretty Random found them on ebay - score!  I was able to purchase the polish for $10 plus free shipping (it was on special when I found it, but it is not that much more expensive today).

The shade I picked up, Crystal Blue, is an intense marine blue foil than leans teal.  It was the best foil polish I have ever worn!  In the sunlight, it was easy to be dazzled by how beautiful and shiny the polish was.  Words simply cannot describe it.

See the shimmer particles?  The foil was not a solid color, it had little pieces of silver foil mixed in. 

The polish is said to be perfumed, but I didn't notice any fragrance.  We will blame that on my cold!

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase!  As soon as I can, I will be purchasing more.  I just have to catch up on those annoying things called "bills" first!
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