07 May 2012

What’s Inside My Glossybox?

Back in March I told you how GLOSSYBOX was coming to the US, and I even had a giveaway for 3 GLOSSYBOXES on my blog.  They sent me their inaugural box for review, which I will share with you today.  Here is the question you should consider while reading this post.  GLOSSYBOX is a $21/month subscription service that offers a minimum of five sample size products per month, of which at least one will be a full size product. 

2012-05-03_14-30-21_698 (1024x576)

It came in a really cute pink and brown box.

2012-05-03_14-30-46_265 (1024x575)

The box was super easy to open, something I appreciated very much as a nail blogger.

2012-05-03_14-32-19_269 (1024x576)

The inside box is made of a very sturdy pink cardboard.  I can definitely see myself repurposing it.

2012-05-03_14-32-44_524 (1024x576)

It was beautifully wrapped with a bow and tissue.

2012-05-03_14-33-11_951 (1024x576)2012-05-03_14-33-42_648 (1024x575)

Enclosed I found a Trend Guide, and a card which described all the products I would find inside.  Click the picture to see the prices of each of the products.

2012-05-03_14-33-56_469 (1024x576)

Another picture of the wrapping, which really was too cute.  Note the international theme, as GLOSSYBOX is very proud of the fact that they are known world wide.

2012-05-03_14-38-01_582 (1024x576)2012-05-03_14-38-40_859 (1024x575)
  • BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel (full size)
2012-05-03_14-40-44_145 (1024x575)
  • OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips (full size)
2012-05-03_14-43-20_763 (1024x576)
  • C.O. Bigelow (full size)
2012-05-03_14-35-48_867 (1024x575)2012-05-03_14-37-08_257 (1024x576)
  • CARGO EyeBronzer (full size)
  • ERNO LASZLO Hollywood Collection (five sample packs)
2012-05-03_14-39-09_648 (1024x576)2012-05-06_19-34-01_432 (1024x572)
  • KRYOLAN High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee (full size)
2012-05-03_14-41-39_995 (1024x576)

Swatches of the CARGO EyeBronzer and the KRYOLAN Lip Shine.   I kinda love the lipgloss!  It is CRAZY pigmented and smells like Strawberry Yoplait.

You might be saying to yourself, this is a great deal for $21!  But isn’t it a little strange that there were FIVE full size products?  I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.  Pink Sith contacted the PR company, who basically said that they wanted their first box to be AWESOME (read her post here) so they included a bunch of full size products.  But what does that mean for future GLOSSYBOXES?  Will they really be worth $21?