12 June 2012

Cellnique launches new, easier to use website

Cellnique is a brand I learned about a few years ago when they contacted me to do some skincare reviews for them.  I reviewed three products for them, and one of them changed my life (not kidding!) - the Skin Action Sebum Gel.  This product is designed to reduce blackheads and it really does!  Every time I stopped using it to "test" another skincare product, my blackheads (actually they were closed comedones, not blackheads) came back.  This product did what it said it would do, it cleared up my skin without causing irritation.

Cellnique recently asked me to review their redesigned their website, and I must say it's awesome!  The old site was a little klunky and took forever to load.  The new site is very stylish and loads quickly.  It's laid out like some of my favorite blogs, actually - clean with emphasis on the content.  It's very easy to navigate, and has some great features for people who are new to the brand:
  • Highlights (Best Sellers - the Skin Action Sebum Gel is #1!)
  • Skin Diagnosis
  • Understanding Skincare Problems (I love that they educated you, not just sell to you!)
  • Shop by Skincare Problems
  • Ingredient Glossary 
You can also read or write reviews on their products in the Community Reviews section.  Writing the reviews can lead to points for free product.  I say can because they monitor the site for false reviews!  Honest Review = Points.  False Reviews = Nothing.  How cool is that?

If you are looking for a skincare brand with science behind it, I highly suggest you check out Cellnique's new website!

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