27 June 2012

Dermelect ME Peptide-Infused Nail Color Treatment - Swatches and Review

Pin ItYesterday I told you how I was in love with the new Dermelect ME polishes, and today I am going to show you just how gorgeous they are!

Dermelect Provocative

Dermelect Head TurnerHead Turner

Dermelect LuxuriousLuxurious

Dermelect PersuasivePersuasive

Dermelect Power TripPower Trip

Dermelect Above ItI saved the best for last - Above It

I wore these polishes for almost three weeks solid and I can tell they definitely made a difference in the strength of my nails.  I have been fighting the dreaded “peelies” since late Spring and the treatment has definitely allowed me to grow almost all of “peelies” out without incurring new ones.  My nails are also growing outrageously fast!  The other reason I know for sure that the treatment is helping is the fact that my nails are in great shape, but the skin around my nails is not - that’s what happens when you work retail and it’s almost Back To School time!  I can’t tell you how many cardboard boxes I have opened in the past month, and it sucks ALL of the moisture out of your hands.  Normally when my hands are dry my nails break very easily, but I have had zero breaks!  In fact I have been filing my nails down weekly because they have been growing so fast.

I tried these polishes so many ways - with a basecoat, without a basecoat, with a topcoat, without a top coat.  My favorite way to wear these polishes are directly without a base, topped of my with my trusty CND Air Dry.  I have been able to get a full five days without chipping like this - just minimal tip wear.  Being able to skip a basecoat and still getting the benefits of a treatment is AWESOME! 

A few application tips:
  • The polish may seems thick, but don’t fight it!  The polish totally self levels and looks awesome.  Just paint slowly as not to flood your cuticles.
  • Because the polish is slightly thick, it’s easy to get too much polish on the brush.  Be sure to wipe the brush carefully before applying.  If you don’t get enough polish on the brush don’t worry - you can actually paint over wet polish immediately without cuticle drag!
  • Resist the urge to thin!  I added thinner to Above It the third time I wore it - yes I wore it three times!  The thinner negated the polishes ability to self level and it was an uneven mess.
Dermelect ME retails for $14 and is available on www.dermelect.com and C.O. Bigelow in NYC.  
I love these polishes and I think they are worth every penny!  
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