19 June 2012

FingerPaints Summer in the City Swatches

FingerPaints Summer in the City

Pin ItToday I have some quick swatches from the FingerPaints Summer in the City collection to share with you!  I didn't find any of these shades overwhelmingly original, and they were a tad thick (except the glitter, that is).  With the negative aspects out of the way, I did like every shade - vibrant and juicy cremes and Movie In the Park (the glitter) is TDF!  I used as an access nail in each swatch below!

FingerPaints Late Night Rendez-vouz
Late Night Rendez-vouz 
FingerPaints Beach Bound
Beach Bound
FingerPaints Flip Flop Fuschia
Flip Flop Fuschia
FingerPaints Sexy Sundress
Sexy Sundress
FingerPaints To-Teally Hot
To-Teally Hot
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