15 June 2012

What’s on My Polish Station?

what's on my

Pin ItI have a fun post for you today!  As a part of The Beauty Spotlight Team I giving you a peak into my self proclaimed “beauty closet” aka the 2nd bedroom in our two bedroom condo that is devoted to all things Jessika.  I had to promise my husband that if I got this room all to myself that there would be zero polish in the rest of the house!   I love this room because it has too giant windows and not one, not two, but two IKEA desks, two helmers, two Alex’s, and an Expedit (what can I say, I am an IKEA whore).  It’s too messy to show you all of it, so here is one small corner, and strangely enough it is the one piece of furniture in the room that is not from IKEA!

what's on my 2
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DH picked this cute little piece of furniture up on clearance at Staples for about $15.  You might call it a writing desk, but I really just use it as a resting spot for most of my nail related items.  Most of, because the rest are spread out through out the rest of my room as if it had been hit by a hurricane.

IMG_0236 (1024x768)

I use a small plastic tray from IKEA to hold all of the treatments I am currently using.  Right now in the front row you can see a bottle of Seche Vite there, because we made up.  As soon as it starts to dry up, we will break up.  My other two go-to items in the front are my trusty Dermelect Launchpad and my beloved CND Air Dry.  If you look really hard you can also see Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Basecoat, Barielle Manicure Extender, Staring Over After Artificials, Nail Tek Hydration Therapy I, Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover, Butter London Foundation, BL Hard Wear and BL Melt Away.  Think that’s a lot?

IMG_0238 (1024x768)

Cause it’s really not…. this is a lot!
I am a treatment junkie and I admit it.  And I’m totally okay with it too.

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