16 July 2012

GOSH Holographic is back!

GOSH Holographic

Pin ItGOSH Holographic is one of my favorite “super” holo polishes.  “Super” in the fact that it has a very very strong linear rainbow that not all holo polishes can achieve.  Which is way I was so sad when I learned it had been discontinued early last year!  It was already hard for US girls to find, since GOSH was only sold in Europe and Canada, but now it was going to be DC’d too?  Life didn’t seem fair!

That was then, this is now!  Yesterday I stumbled upon this post from The London Lipgloss.  GOSH is bringing it back as Holographic Hero!  It has a fancy new name, a fancy new “24 hour” formula and a fancy new bottle!  I wonder if the “rainbow” is as strong this time around?  As of right now it is not listed on the GOSH America website, so if you want to get your hands on a bottle I would suggest requesting help from a UK friend that has access to Superdrug!

You can also check out my original post on GOSH Holographic, where I put it to the ultimate test - the swimming pool!  Check out what I did to ensure the finicky polish lasted all day.

Do you own either of the GOSH Holographic polishes? 
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