06 July 2012

Nail Polish Jewelry from Beads Ink

I was recently contacted by the lovely Steph of Beads Ink, who has her own line of nail polish jewelry available on Etsy.  She allowed me to pick out what type of jewelry I wanted (I said necklaces) and the color (blue) and let her pick out the actual polishes and designs.  Let’s see what she sent me!

Pin ItThe package arrived beautifully wrapped.  I would have taken a picture of it but I was without a camera at the time and couldn’t wait!

IMG_0405 (1024x723)IMG_0406 (1024x723)

She even included a polishing cloth - I just wish I had used it before I took these pictures!

She sent me three necklaces.  The first is triangular and is made with one of my favorite holo polishes ever… OPI DS Glamour.  The second is perfectly round and it contains Nicole by OPI’s Kendall on the Katwalk, an awesome glitter.  The final is an ornate oval filled with Revlon Royal.

IMG_0226 (1024x724)IMG_0228 (1024x723)IMG_0229 (1024x724)IMG_0225 (1024x723)

I am having a hard time choosing a favorite!

IMG_0260 (965x1024)

Steph’s jewelry is very affordable (as opposed to some of those “other” nail polish jewelry sellers) and starting July 1st all items in the shop will be 20% off!!!  Happy Summer Shopping!!!