17 July 2012

Syrup Nails with American Apparel Zuma Beach

American Apparel Zuma BeachAmerican Apparel Zuma Beach American Apparel Zuma BeachAmerican Apparel Sheer Nail Lacquers

Pin ItYesterday I received from Nail Mail from American Apparel - they sent me three of their new “Sheer Lacquers.”   I received three - Midnight Beach (blue), Manhattan Beach (coral) and Zuma Beach (lime green).  There are three other colors - Pacific Beach (teal green), Redondo Beach (cyan) and Summerland Beach (pale pink).

They are awesome jellies, slightly watery and PERFECT for Syrup Nails.  I took a poll on Instagram and Zuma Beach was unanimously chosen for my first mani.  I really like the effect, the polishes are definitely going to work for Syrup Nails, those this mani turned out to be more like Swamp Nails!  LOL.  I love strange and weird manicures, but I know not everyone else does. 

American Apparel Nail Lacquer can be purchased in-store and online.  The retail price is $6 each (although they are often on sale  3 for $15).  In addition to the Sheer Nail Lacquer, they carry a range of Glitter, Neon, Metallic and Original (crème) Lacquers. 

What do you think?  Would you wear a mani that made your nails look like they were dipped in green slime?