26 September 2012

Are you a Dior Diva?


Pin ItNO?  Why not???  Oh, you don’t know what it is?  Let me tell you!  Dior Diva is a rewards program - like a Gift With Purchase.  Only you save up all your receipts from a 12 month time span, add them up, and send them in.  I first heard about Dior Diva from Olga at makeupacademia, who unfortunately doesn’t seem to be blogger any longer.  She and I had very similar tastes in clothing, skincare, and shoes! 

Back to the rewards!  I qualified for the minimum reward of Adorable Diva.  I received four deluxe samples - Capture Totale serum, Dior Show in Blackout, Dior Addict Lipstick in Diorkiss, and J’adore.  I can’t believe how cute the mini Dior Addict is!  Above you can see it compared to my full size Dior Addict, and I actually prefer the smaller size better!  All of these came packaged in a cute mini shopping bag.

I love free things, but I especially love free things I will use!

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