05 September 2012

China Glaze Boho Collection ♥ Want My Bawdy and No Plain Jane

China Glaze Want My BawdyChina Glaze Want My Bawdy 3China Glaze Want My Bawdy 2China Glaze Want My Bawdy 4

China Glaze No Plain Jane (Ozotic Pro 504 on middle finger) 3China Glaze No Plain Jane (Ozotic Pro 504 on middle finger) c2China Glaze No Plain Jane (Ozotic Pro 504 on middle finger)China Glaze No Plain Jane

Pin ItAhh!  I can’t believe I never posted these!  I am such a bad blogger.  I really thought I posted them back in July!!!  Anyways these are two polishes that I received to review from the China Glaze Boho collection. 

I really hate the name of the first polish - Want My Bawdy?  I am all for risqué names in nail polish, but this is just tacky!  The polish is gorgeous though, I only wish I had correctly captured the duochrome nature on camera!  IRL you can see that it shifts from a blue to purple.  I swear!

I have already compared No Plain Jane to Nicole by OPI Iris My Case, but in these pictures I added another comparison - Ozotic Pro 504.  I wanted to show you the differences between the two types of duochrome polishes.  The China Glaze formula is more of a metallic, while the Ozotic Pro is a sheer that builds up to a shimmer after four coats.  FOUR!

Since these polishes have been around for awhile now, have you picked any of them up?  I recently just picked up Deviantly Darling at ULTA, I am definitely looking forward to wearing that one!
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