17 September 2012

Flashback Post: Konad Storage

This post was originially published in July of 2010.


Before I bought this I had my Konad supplies organized, but they were still separated.
Now everything I could possibly need while doing a Konad is in this beautiful box.


My motto: a place for everything and everything in its place
(note that I didn't say I am a tidy person, at home I am truly a slob... but IF it has a home THEN it is so much easier to keep clean!)


Remember a while back (May, I believe) when Target released a Liberty of London collection? I Wanted EVERYTHING! But I waited. And waited. Luckily I don't think alot of people in the 'burg know who Liberty of London is, so I was able to get this for under $5!


I keep my Konad and fauxnad plates in these cute photo albums, they were $1 each at Target.
(in the crafting section)


I keep my "fauxnad" polishes in here... I have yet to spend $ on a single Konad polish.


If you ladies are interested, I plan on doing a post devoted to the polish brands that you would not expect to work so well!


Last, but not least, I have a super cute makeup bag my mom bought and never used (FREE!!!) to keep my stamps and scrapers in. Also really great when you are too lazy to put the plates away you can throw them in here and no one would know how lazy you are!

I also have around 8 of those Sterilite containers from Dollar Tree, but we will talk about those on another day!

So are any of you as obsessive as me when it comes to purchasing "the right" storage solutions? I put a lot of effort into the search, but not a lot of money.
(Gotta save some cash for those Chanels!)
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