22 October 2012

Glam Halloween Nail Art Ideas from CND

CND Halloween Nail Art1
Pin ItSearching for the perfect nail art idea to go with your costume?  Don’t want to resort “Halloween” nails?  Here are a few nail art ideas from CND that will actually compliment your costume!

CO7NSAboriginalSinFor the Pirate

CO7NSStarburstFor the Witch

CO12ShellacMetalGlitrFadeFor the Cat

C10FallWinterBroch62For the Vampire

CO7NSSeedPearlsFor the Ghost

For the Princess

What do you think of these nail art ideas?  I kinda want to do the Cat inspired nails right now!
Images provided by CND.  To find a CND certified salon near you, visit http://www.cnd.com/find-salon