05 October 2012

What I use to clean up after stamping - Q-tips Precision Tips


Pin ItToday’s post is just a quick look at how I clean up after stamping.  We all know that it is inevitable that you will end up with excess polish all over your skin when you stamp your nails, it is a fact of life! 

I recently discovered a new tool to use to expertly clean up that excess polish - without ruining my manicure.  That tool is Q-tips Precision Tips!


Step 1 - Stamp your nails as usual.


Step 2 - Dip a Q-tip Precision Tip in pure acetone and remove excess polish from your skin.


Step 3 - Viola!  Perfect manicure!

IMG_0532.JPG (2)IMG_0533IMG_0534IMG_0757

There are so many ways you can use Q-tips® Precision Tips™ Cotton Swabs.  Here are a few! 

  • Disposable Eye Shadow Brushes
    Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs are great for eye shadow application because they are disposable! Use a new one for each color to ensure eye shadow hues stay true.
  • A Quick Fix for Eye Shadow Creases
    Smooth eye shadow creases on your eyelids with Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs.
  • Apply Fake Lashes Use Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs to help apply fake lashes. Start by applying a dab of lash adhesive to the tip. Keep the tip as close to the lash line as possible and use it to guide the application of the faux lash strip on your lid.
  • Control Crazy EyebrowsControl unruly brows by applying a small amount of Vaseline® petroleum jelly using Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs to your eyebrows.
  • A Disposable Wand for ConcealerUse Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs to apply concealer from a container if it doesn’t have a wand.
  • Help Treat Blemishes
    To help quickly heal blemishes, apply a small dollop of an acne spot treatment with salicylic acid to the end of a Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab. They will help you treat blemishes without adding additional oils from your fingers.
  • Use Every Last Bit
    Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs are the perfect size to get the last bit of foundation out of your makeup bottle and off of the rim. The cotton tip also allows for easy transfer of the foundation.
  • Keep Your Perfect Pout in Place
    Keep lip color from bleeding by using Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs to apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of your lips.
  • Maximize The Life of Your LipstickUse Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs to get every last bit of color from your favorite lipstick.
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