29 November 2012

China Glaze Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away ♥ Part One

China Glaze Whirled Away over Escaping Reality, Hanging in the Balance, Creative Fantasy, Def Defying and Surreal Appeal
China Glaze Whirled Away over Escaping Reality, Hanging in the Balance, Creative Fantasy, Def Defying and Surreal Appeal
Pin ItI have already given you a sneak peak of one of the polishes from this collection - It’s a Trap-eze!  I loved it so much I couldn’t keep it to myself.  Today I have six more polishes to show you, and sadly, for me, one of them is a dud…

Let’s talk about the good ones first, shall we?  I have a few “neon crèmes” to show you!  These all needed top coat in order to “shine,” without a top coat they dried flat due to the neon pigments.

China Glaze Escaping Reality (722x1024)China Glaze Hanging in the Balance (723x1024)

Escaping Reality is a “soft hot pink.”  It’s not fully neon, but it sure does pop against my skin!  Here I applied three coats.

Hanging in the Balance is a gorgeous cerulean blue, but oh my does it stain!  Double up on your basecoat and you will be fine!  This formula was so opaque is was “almost” a one coater.

China Glaze Creative FantasyChina Glaze Def Defying (725x1024)

Creative Fantasy is a strange polish.  It applied very streaky, and even though I applied three coats you can still see patches of my nail coming through!  Even though this polish is high maintenance, it’s gorgeous and worth the four (!) coats it would need to look perfect.  I had a hard time taking a picture of this one by itself, so check the picture at the top of the post, which is more true to life.

Def Defying is a lime green with a little bit of neon pigment.  The first few coats went on streaky but the third coat smoothed everything out.  I think the name is very punny!

China Glaze Surreal Appeal (725x1024)IMG_2089-001

Surreal Appeal reminds me of a neon watermelon!  This one looks great after just two coats.  Polishes like these are ones I wouldn’t have liked two years ago (too tame) but now I love!

Whirled Away is China Glaze’s second stab at making an indie glitter polish.  They totally hit the ball out of the park with It’s a Trap-eze! but Whirled Away is a bar-hex glitter mess.  It was horrible to apply and it didn’t lie right.  I actually had one of the white hex glitter fall off, even after I applied top coat!

What do you think?  Is Whirled Away your type of polish?
Or will you skip it?

The China Glaze Cirque du Soleil:  Worlds Away collection is currently available on www.sallybeauty.com!
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