05 November 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Haul and Bottle Shots

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Pin ItI have another Pretty Serious Cosmetics haul to show with you today!  I ordered two polishes - Elliot from the In The Night collection and Emma Louise, a Limited Edition polish designed to raise funds for the Cancer Council of New South Wales.  Kaz surprised me by including three polishes from the Monster Mash collection - Poltergeist Puddle, Mummy Mush and Creature Crush.  Are the special green boxes beautiful?

Let's look at the bottle shots, shall we?  Don't forget you can click to enlarge!

Pretty Serious Emma Louise Bottle Shot
Emma Louise
Pretty Serious Elliot Bottle Shot
Pretty Serious Creature Crush Bottle Shot
Creature Crush
Pretty Serious Mummy Mush Bottle Shot
Mummy Mush
Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle Bottle Shot
Poltergeist Purple
If you remember from my first Pretty Serious Cosmetics haul, I am in LOVE with their packaging.  There was only one thing missing - the boxes didn't have names on the tops!  For an anal-retentive polish hoarder, I need those polishes in their boxes all lined up pretty in my helmer.  Well, Kaz recently announced they would be labeling all their boxes!  Yay!  I begged her on Facebook to send me labels for the boxes I already owned… she went all out and sent replacement boxes!  Thanks Kaz!
Stay tuned this week for swatches!
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