06 December 2012

Color Club Winter Affair ♥ Swatches and Review

Color Club Winter Affair collection

Pin ItDid you know there are not one but two different Winter Affair collections from Color Club this year?

There is the regular one I received (which can be purchased directly from Victoria Nails, Transdesign, and ShopColorClub.com) and the one Sally Beauty  received (here and here) - which is scented!  And they are weird scents too - pomegranate, wooded herbs, and cocoa marshmallow!

Color Club Winter Affair
Color Club Winter Affair (2 coats)
Color Club Berry and Bright
Berry and Bright (2 coats)
Color Club Gift of Sparkle
Glitter Wonderland (3 coats)
Color Club Glitter Wonderland
Gift of Sparkle (3 coats)
Color Club Ho-Ho Holly
Ho-Ho Holly (2 coats)
Color Club Snow Flakes over Ho-Ho Holly
Snow-Flakes over Ho-Ho Holly
This is actually the second time I swatched this collection.  The first time I got frustrated and quit.  Three of the polishes in this collection - Winter Affair, Berry and Bright and Ho-Ho Holly - had a very thick consistency and had to be thinned in order to be applied.

I added a matte topcoat to try to bring out the colors in Snow-Flakes, but I think it was simply a bad combination with Ho-Ho Holly.  However, I did swatch Snow-Flakes over black here (there is also a comparison to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure). 

I wish I could say there were standouts in the collection, but there really weren't.  However, if you haven't had a chance to pick up a Sally Hansen dupe, now would be the time!  Snow-Flakes is a great flakey polish without question!
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