04 December 2012

JulieG Holiday Nails ♥ Swatches and Review

JulieG for Jesse's Girl

Pin ItToday I have 5 polishes from the Julie G holiday collection to share with you!

If you are not familiar with JulieG (and I fully admit I wasn't , she is a YouTube “Guru” who has partnered with Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics to produce her own line of nail polishes, which are available inside Rite Aid stores and online at http://www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com.  I believe this is JulieG’s second collection with Jesse’s Girl (see update at bottom of post), and to be honest I didn't expect that much from it… Turns out I was wrong!  Keep reading to see why!

Julie G Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrapped is an amazing fuchsia jelly glass fleck.  We all know how much I love glass fleck polishes, so it is not surprising I like this one.  What makes it stand out that this formula is truly beautiful!  Definitely on par with my OPI and China Glaze glass flecks.  Plus it only needed to coats!

Julie G Under Mistletoe

Under Mistletoe is another amazing jelly glass fleck!  It is a soft green that would have been okay with two coats, but I did three to deepen the green.  I think it would also look awesome with one coat if layered over another green - a kelly green or forest green would be awesome!

Julie G Big Red Bow

Big Red Bow is the third jelly glass fleck polish.  It is a red, which I typically don’t get excited about, but this one is blue-based, and almost leans pink!  Definitely not your boring basic red.  This would be a GREAT polish to wear on Christmas day.

Julie G Light It Up

Light it Up is a Happy Birthday clone.  Not too exciting, unless you don’t own any of the other dupes.

Julie G Ornamental

Ornamental is a very pretty shimmery cool gold.  Again it only needed two coats, and it was nice to not see brushstrokes!

I can appreciate this for what it is:  a small, edited Holiday collection.  It has every color is should and not a single polish more.  For example I am glad they didn't add a silver just to add a silver!  As someone with over 1500 polishes, I think Gift Wrapped, Under Mistletoe and Big Red Bow are definitely polishes I would buy myself.  For someone who is starting their collection from scratch, I think all five could be considered are “must haves” - and at $3.99 each they won’t break the bank!

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UPDATE:  Jesse's Girl gave me the 411 on their history with JulieG!

  • The first "collaboration" with JulieG was to name a polish after her in our core Jesse's Girl line - 
  • Our second collaboration with JulieG was to do an 8-color limited edition set with her as part of the Jesse's Girl line
  • After the success of that LE set, we launched a full line of JulieG polishes, branded with her name/logo.  There are 27 colors in the core collection, which can be found in Rite Aid stores and on our website.
  • We followed that up with this 5-color Holiday Collection
And a little birdy told me to expect more from JulieG soon!