08 January 2013

Makeup Wars: Beauty Resolutions

Pin ItI am not one to make resolutions.  I feel like I set myself up for failure!  But when the Makeup Wars group suggested Beauty Resolutions, I knew there were a few things I definitely should try to do!  Stop buying so much nail polish (as if), say “NO” when people ask me to test skincare, use up all hand lotion… But if I narrow it down to just one thing, I know what it should be:

Shampoo Hoarding
Shampoo in Current Rotation
Shampoo Trial Sizes

Don’t buy any shampoo or conditioner in 2013.  That may seem drastic to some of you, but I have more shampoo than I know what to do with.  Before I moved to Iowa I was really into couponing, especially for beauty items.  For example when I moved here I had 24 boxes of hair color!  Seriously.  That stuff is expensive, so I would only buy it when they were on sale or clearance AND I had awesome coupons for it.  I would never spend more than $2.  That worked out well for me as most of my favorite at-home hair color run between $8 and $13.  I still haven’t had to buy any. 

BUT BACK TO SHAMPOO.  Not only do I have all the bottles I moved here with, I seem to receive a lot for review too.  And let’s not talk about the number of sample sizes I have saved.  And yet I still occasionally buy my beloved Kenra Platinum Sulfate Free Shampoo for Fine Hair.  And I know when I run out of my It Factor Quick Blow Dry Shampoo and my DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo I am going to want to buy both of them too.  And my L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner!  How could I almost forget that?  I thought I had a backup but when I pulled everything out of my cupboard I couldn't find it!

So as you can see I am addicted to buying shampoo in a sick, sad way.  The ones in the pictures… those are the ones I like… I pushed the rest on my husband!  I never want to run out so I always have a lot on hand.  And if I see it on clearance?  I am a goner.  But this year will be different.  I will be different!  So for all of 2013, I will not buy ANY shampoo or conditioner.  Not for my husband either - and I didn’t even count how many unused bottle he has either.  BTW he LOVES the new Clear Scalp Therapy shampoos - they make one for men and one for women.  And I have pushed tons and tons of shampoo on him in the past 9 years so when he says he likes something, he likes something!

What about you?  Do you have any Beauty Resolutions?
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